​How does it work?
We stream world wide to your phone, tablet, computer or Internet TV.

​* use a browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari to visit www.coolstreams.tv​
​* enjoy browsing through the shows, then choose one by clicking Add to Cart then click Proceed to Checkout.
* fill out the information and our system will automatically create an account for you.
* pay with your credit card through AliPay or PayPal (more options coming soon). No credit card information is stored with us, it’s all kept by the banks secure systems.
* stream your show on any Internet connected device. You have 2 days to enjoy watching it.
* you can start at home on your computer and then continue on the bus or train on your phone simply by logging in and clicking Play.
​* ​our streaming system automatically and seamlessly changes ​play speeds ​​according to ​your​ slow, medium or fast Internet ​connection ​speed.